Stone Guards

Stone Guards

If you are doing a lot of travelling with your boat and especially if you go down gravel roads, you may find you are getting marks on your gel coat and chips in your paint.  You should consider fitting a stone guard.

A stone guard would:

  • stop paint chips on painted aluminium boats
  • prevent tar marks
  • keep the boat clean

 The stone guard can be made to attach directly to your boat, usually around the bow rails and then down to the trailer. These covers have to come off when you are using the boat. This style is most common with a fibre-glass boat.

The other method is to attach a frame to your trailer that sits out from your boat and stays on all the time.  We would use and recommend Engineering Sheetmetal & Marine to make this frame.

Covers can be made in PVC or Canvas and if being attached directly against the boat the cover is lined to give it added protection.